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    90 comments on “Design Your Own Tour

    1. Tilda Renemar Jeansson says:

      I have an 8 h 20 min layover on my first trip and would like to do the Summer palace & Temple of Heaven tour. Will I have enough time? (Arrival 5.30 am, departure 1.50 pm)

      On my way back I have a 15 h 25 min layover and would like to do the Great Wall & Forbidden City tour. From what I understand I have plenty of time for that one, so is it possible to extend that tour with a walk in the city? I would just like to explore the streets, eat some street food and see what Beijing is really about for locals. Please e-mail me back what options I have. Thanks.

      • admin says:

        Hi Tilda,

        Thank you for contacting us!

        We just sent an email about the tour options to you, please check it out.

    2. Fleur says:

      We fly in at 12:50pm on May 1 and fly out at 1:05am on May 2. Will we have enough time to the great wall of China? Also do you evening tours of Beijing?

      • admin says:

        Hi Fleur,

        Thank you for contacting us!

        According to your layover time, you will have plenty of time to visit the Great Wall. We just sent you an email about the tour options, please check.

    3. FTeruel says:

      hello! We arrive at 5:00pm March 6th would we have time to see great wall before sun goes down???

      • admin says:

        Hi FTeruel ,

        Sorry. Your arrival time is too late. We do not have tours by then. And the Great Wall will be closed.

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