Book Upon Your Arrival
(Booking counter is reopened on Nov. 1, 2023)

When you planning to do a layover tour in Beijing, you may have some concerns:

1. If my visa free be rejected.

2. If my flight is cancelled or delayed.

3. How can I find a legit tour company to avoid illegal drivers and get back to the airport in time?

4. Can I join a group tour to reduce the expense?

Now we have the best solution for all these concerns. Our company became an official partner of Beijing Capital airport. We are the one and only qualified tour company that operates tours at Beijing Capital airport. Only we can sell tours at the airport.

No reservation or payment required in advance.

No worries about losing money.

No worries about missing your next flight.

Just book & pay a tour at our counter upon your arrival. Our counter is on the 2nd floor at terminal 3 arrival hall (on the right side of the “Exit B”).

Beijing layover tour booking counter
Booking Counter is on the right side of the Exit B



Booking counter is right side of the Exit B
Beijing Layover Tour booking counter

You can find our booking counter in the airport step by step at:

Below are book upon your arrival tour options for you to choose:

Notice: Our booking counter working time is 6am-2pm every day. Please book the tour with our travel advisor during this time frame. Thank you! 

If above tour options are not suitable for you, please check our private tour options and experience our customization service.