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58 comments on “Design Your Own Tour

  1. Kevan Miura says:

    Group of 4, we arrive PEK 3/24/19 11:20 am, depart 9:00 pm on 3/24/19. What are options/cost doing a Mutianyu Great Wall tour with a stop at Silk Market on the way back to airport?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kevan,

      Thank you for contacting us!

      According to your request, we just sent you an email about the tour options, please check it out.

  2. ahmad says:

    I keep getting an error when trying to request due to incorrect format. What format is used for the date? I’m trying to input October 8, 2018.

  3. Lauren Bagwell says:

    My friend and I get in at 2:55 PM December 28th and Leave that night at 3:25 AM. Is there no way we could go visit the wall?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for contacting us!

      Your arrival time is too late, the Great Wall will stop selling tickets by then. Sorry about that!

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